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A Reservoir of Socio-legal Discourse

Lex Lexicon is a multidisciplinary forum which publishes original research work and provides legal perspectives for current socio-political issues. This platform has been built with the hope of inspiring young students of prominent law universities across the nation. The Journal is dedicated to facilitate research in contemporary affairs pertaining to law and social policies and bring students, researchers, scholars, professionals, practitioners and academicians from multiple disciplines together on a single platform. It will generate and disseminate thought-provoking academic discourse and publish critical opinions of a slew of legal luminaries to provide our readers an insight to understand the challenges faced by the lawmakers, lawyers and society at large. This forum contains everything from scholarly articles, interviews, news analysis, book reviews to weekly blog. They will resonate with the widest appeal to those interested in legal affairs.

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Call for Papers

The Editorial Board of the Lex Lexicon Journal (LexLJ) is accepting original and unpublished manuscripts enumerating and disclosing the legal and social happenings taking place in the contemporary world, for publication in Volume 1 Issue 1 of the Journal to be released in November 2020.


The Detrimental Effect of Pseudo-Feminism

By Masuhav Gupta From time immemorial, women have confronted a great deal of things in their lives. ...


Case Commentary   Introduction:   Minors are considered incompetent to take their decisions and they...


By Diksha Narula INTRODUCTION Dying Declaration had been a significant instrument of administration ...

Book Review

Lex Lexicon is accepting original and unpublished book reviews for the books related to law or any scholarly field or with academic importance to be published in its online edition, on a rolling basis.

Toba Tek Singh- Saadat Hasan Manto
23 Oct

By Itika Agarwal   Abstract: In Thomas Stephen Szasz’s words- “Insanity is the only sane reaction to an insane society.” Written by Saadat Hasan Manto in 1955, ‘Toba Tek Singh’ highlights how the lunatic Bishan Singh gave a response, which ...

Roses in December by M. C. Chagla
16 Oct

Book Review by Hamza Lakdawala   Abstract There is one autobiography which is suggested by almost all lawyers, professors, and law school seniors in India – M. C. Chagla’s Roses In December. Justice Chagla is one of the most celebrated...

Why I Am A Hindu By Shashi Tharoor
02 Oct

Book Review by Jayant Chopra Abstract The book has been divided into 3 sections and 7 chapters, respectively. The book covers vast areas ranging from the very roots of Hinduism to finally coming full circle to hindutva and today’s Hin...