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The Law is the Public Conscience

A Reservoir of Socio-legal Discourse

Lex Lexicon is a multidisciplinary forum which publishes original research work and provides legal perspectives for current socio-political issues. This platform has been built with the hope of inspiring young students of prominent law universities across the nation. The Journal is dedicated to facilitate research in contemporary affairs pertaining to law and social policies and bring students, researchers, scholars, professionals, practitioners and academicians from multiple disciplines together on a single platform. It will generate and disseminate thought-provoking academic discourse and publish critical opinions of a slew of legal luminaries to provide our readers an insight to understand the challenges faced by the lawmakers, lawyers and society at large. This forum contains everything from scholarly articles, interviews, news analysis, book reviews to weekly blog. They will resonate with the widest appeal to those interested in legal affairs.

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Volume I Issue I


“Careers Open to Talents”: A Rawlsian Critique of Meritocracy

Deepak Kumar Gupta In his widely influential book, A Theory of Justice, John Rawls lays down two ess...

Virtual Court versus Physical Court: A Comparison

By Sivapriya.U.K Abstract 2020 has shown us the contrasting lifestyle which no one would have imagin...

The Detrimental Effect of Pseudo-Feminism

By Masuhav Gupta From time immemorial, women have confronted a great deal of things in their lives. ...

Book Review

Lex Lexicon is accepting original and unpublished book reviews for the books related to law or any scholarly field or with academic importance to be published in its online edition, on a rolling basis.

Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles
27 Aug

Book Review by Kumail Fatima   Abstract “Ikigai” is a Japanese term that means the “art of living”, it refers to the practice of living a purposeful life with respect to a person’s sense of the self. Ikigai is a perfect example of a se...

“Rebel Sultans — The Deccan from Khilji to Shivaji” by Manu S. Pillai
06 Aug

Book review by Souvik Mukherjee   Abstract History is often described as a boring drag, with too many names and dates to remember. But if written in the right way, it opens a treasure trove of larger-than-life stories with colourful ch...

Cuckold by Kiran Nagarkar
24 Jul

Book Review by Suranya Sengupta Abstract Bhoj Raj Singh Sisodiya (1495 – 1526) as he is known in the history and folklores of Mewar, a province of Rajasthan, was the first born son and heir apparent of Rana Sangram Singh who fought wi...