From time immemorial, women have confronted a great deal of things in their lives. But as the Generations headway and people began getting educated, their mind-set not absolutely yet by one way or another got changed. They started talking about Equality and Justice for women living in the Society. If we see various incidents and watch things very cautiously in toto, at that point we find that we lived in a PATRIARCHAL Society where males were the dominant ones. They had stereotypical kind of thinking that, women are made only for household chores and to take care of their families. When women started getting educated and stood out from the crowd, they started realising the fact that they were in genuine, getting suppressed. And then they started revolting to secure their place in society. There are various incidents that took place, which composed New History for the coming generations. From those Revolts, the word ‘Feminist’ came into limelight.

Malala Yousafzai after she survived from the attack by one masked gunman from Taliban, wrote in her memoir ‘I am Malala’ that – “I raise up my voice – not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. … We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back”.[1]

This statement by he,r states this fact that she was raising her voice in order to make every woman aware of their rights and by this, they should feel empowered. Feminism is nothing but a belief that women should get all the rights, opportunities and powers as men & must be treated in the same way. Feminism is a vast wave of social and political movements getting to achieve and establish the political, economic and social equality of sexes.[2]

When we look into the history of feminism we find it quite interesting in numerous manners. There are four waves within which this feminist movement materialized. The first wave of feminism took place between 19th-20th century which was concentrated on property rights, marriage, parenting and right to vote. The second wave of feminism was based on equality and anti-discrimination. The third wave of feminism focussed on the sudden and adverse reaction from the second wave considering the privileging of white,  straight women during the 1990’s. And also the last i.e. the fourth wave of feminism was none other than the #MeToo Movement which began around the world in 2012.[3]

No doubt that these movements were essential to uplift women from few of the unfounded mind-sets of the society but moulding all the things in their favour can produce several issues and will even have a disastrous effect on alternative social groups. It is true that women have gone through various traumas that are really not acceptable because if, God has not discriminated them and gave all emotions, worldly things as same; then we as a human don’t have any right to do discrimination and curtail anyone’s desires or needs.  These movements went on very smoothly. And now, we can see that slowly & steadily women are getting the rights which they deserve to get.

Mutation of Feminism into Pseudo-Feminism :

With the span of time, the idea of Feminism has rapidly fluctuated which left people in delusion whether these are the rights or absolute power. In every play two characters are there; one is Antagonist and the other is the Protagonist. In this Play, Protagonist are those persons that in true sense comprehend feminism and Antagonist are those who pretend that they comprehend feminism but in a real sense, they are not aware of it. These are the people that come in the category of Pseudo- Feminism. The main distinction that lies between Feminism and Pseudo-Feminism is that Feminism talks about equality that women should also get equal rights like men while Pseudo-Feminism talks about getting more rights than men. In simple words, Pseudo feminists are partially misandrist.[4]

“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”- Gloria Steinhem

Feminism is a movement where women raised their voice for reproductive rights,

domestic violence, maternity leaves, equal pay, women’s suffrage, sexual harassment and sexual violence.[5] If anyone wants to be a feminist, he/she have to act like one. Feminism is off the hook but Feminazi is perilous.

Basically, the rights that are given to all women are for their overall development so that they can open up in front of all and are comfortable to give their views on something. Hence, several laws were made that are especially there for the protection of women but some women take advantage of those laws. They take benefit of the vulnerable scenario and typically push the person in such a dark room that it seems impossible to find a way out. And later on, these women show the power of feminism in a self-renovated way. These are those people who claim to be feminist but ignore the most purpose of feminism.

Hence, it has been well said that ‘Use the rights and powers for nurture, not for using it as your own weapon in order to rupture.’

The things that are made available to any person in masses, they either misuse that thing or take that thing for granted. And here, the Laws that are provided to them are being misused. That is why, many fake cases are lodged by women against men that they had either harassed them or stalked them or abused them publically and many more. But when the genuine investigation is done the matter turns out to be fake relying on some bull-shit reason that the boy has rejected her proposal or that the boy haven’t paid attention to her or something like that. Actually these fake cases are filed due to their personal grudges and ego.

Effects of Pseudo-Feminism that gave rise to various instances :

There are a number of instances that affected drastically the lives and reputation of men. The reason behind this is none other than the misuse of powers by women. No doubt, our constitution talks about Gender Equality and at the same time it gives special privilege to women. But this is justified because women have faced a lot of traumas in their life and hence they need special attention. As we know, Absolute powers create the disaster that what is happening right now. Cases which supports this statement are as follows:

The very recent case is of Manav Singh, resident of DLF Carlton Estate, Gurugram, Haryana. He was the student of Class 12th who was alleged by a girl of doing sexual assault on her which subsequently, levelled against him in social media. This traumatised that boy so much that one day he jumped off his 11th  floor house. Later on, his parents filed a complaint against that Girl alleging that she maligned the social image of their son which compelled him to commit suicide.[6]

And another case that came to light was of Bois Locker Room, where, in 21 members Whatsapp Group, nude photos of School girls got leaked. All boys of that group got trolled in social media for their obscene acts or voyeurism. But later on, it was found that there was a girl who initiated that topic of sexual acts in the group and then leaked screenshots of the chats in social media.[7] This was another act which shows the misuse of Girls rights which are made available to them for their sake.

Likewise these, there are other incidents too where Girls are caught by misusing their rights.

According to the data given by National Crime Records Bureau Delhi, India – Out of 25,000 rape cases, 76% are false, 30,000 molestation cases, 75% are false, 1,00,000 Dowry cases, 98% are false. It is not just a number, due to this many men went to Jail and many committed suicide due to fear of public shaming.[8]

Suggestions in order to stop this :

We live in the 21st century where the human race has excelled in each and every field with a rapid rate. The concept of Humanity has witnessed the great transition and now this concept is about Gender Equality and Justice. This debate is still going on whether women are superior or Men are superior. In simple words, no one is superior, all are equal. At any point in time, when we find someone who is talking about Feminism. Then firstly, ask them to elaborate and elucidate about feminism and try to find out their point of view. Their acts, gestures and views while explaining will be sufficient to know about them and consequently, we will be in a better position to distinguish whether that person is a feminist or pseudo-feminist. If they are going in the wrong path then we have to try our best to convince them and make them aware of the true facts of Feminism. So that their malignant thought should get change.

A person with a prejudicial view has to understand that because of a few bad apples we can’t throw the whole basket of apples at once. Likewise, for few men having ill mind-sets, we can’t generalise the whole group of men at once. We must see both the sides of coins, not only one side as nowadays there is no such person on whom we can trust blindly. We have to stop this gross generalisation of men and should start thinking from the human being perspective.

Feminism is a birthright which can’t be taken away from any women. And if we really want to live peacefully then we have to be Human not feminist.[9]

# StayAlertwhilemakinganyDecision.

# BeScepticalwhilebelievinganyone.


(Author is a 2nd year Llb. student at Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University.)

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