Volume 1 Issue I

October 2020

The Editorial Board of the Lex Lexicon Journal (LexLJ) is accepting original and unpublished manuscripts enumerating and disclosing the legal and social happenings taking place in the contemporary world, for the publication in Volume 1 Issue 1 of the Journal to be released in November 2020.

The journal is accepting submissions in the following categories.

  • Research Papers: 4,000 to 8,000 words;
  • Long Articles: 3,500 to 5,500 words;
  • Short Articles/Essays: 2,000 to 3,500 words;
  • Case commentaries: 1,500 to 2,500 words;
  • Book Reviews: 1,000 to 2,000 words.

     Note: {Word limits are inclusive of footnotes}.

  • Each submission must be accompanied by an Abstract. The word limit for the abstract shall not be more than 300 words.


Themes mentioned hereunder are illustrative and not exhaustive.

  1. Anti-defection law: Lacunae and Solution
  2. Custodial torture: A glare violation of Human Rights
  3. Analysis of the effectiveness of virtual courts
  4. Right to Education
  5. Analysing the Need and Significance of Consumer Protection “E-commerce” Rules 2020
  6. Need for Amendment in procedural Criminal Laws in the Backdrop of the emergence of Virtual Courts
  7. Contempt of Court Viz-a-Viz Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression
  8.   Transgender Act: A Critical Appraisal
  9. Persons with Disabilities and Access to Justice in the COVID-19 pandemic
  10. Need for Revisiting Abortion Law
  11. Police Encounters and Rule of Law
  12. Tracing the Impact of Dissolution of Labour Laws
  13. Tracing the Concept of Force Majeure in the Indian Contract Act, 1872
  14. Waving of Loans and RBI’s plight
  15. Economic Imbalances during COVID-19 scenario and Role of Banks
  16. Mergers of bank and legal positions of banking employees
  17. IPR — Dynamics of patent laws and emerging challenges
  18. Significance/role of corporate social responsibility during COVID-19 pandemic
  19. New Education Policy

Submission Guidelines

  • The submissions shall be original, unpublished, and shall not be under consideration anywhere.
  • Submission should be made in MS Word format (doc.) or (.docx).
  • The manuscript shall strictly be free from any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • Plagiarised work shall be severely rejected.

The format shall be in the following manner

  • Font Style – Times New Roman
  • Font Size – Heading – 14, Content – 12, Footnotes – 10;
  • Line Spacing – Main Content -1.5, Footnotes – 1
  • Alignment – Justified
  • Margins – 2.54 CM from all sides.
  • The citation style shall strictly be in consonance with Harvard Bluebook (20th Edition)
  • The non-compliance to the proper footnoting method shall be subject to rejection.

All the submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter including the names of the author (s), the title of the paper, email-id, contact number, and name of the institution. No personal information shall be mentioned in the body of the text or the file of the manuscript. Co-authorship is allowed up to two authors and cover letter shall contain the details of both the authors.

Author(s) are required to send their submissions at editorial@lex-lexicon.com in a word document format (.doc/.docx). The name of the document must be in the following format-

Title of the Submission-Name of the Author. Submission must be made with the Subject of the email as ‘Submission- LexLJ’.


Timeline of the Journal

  1. Last Date of Submission of Full Manuscript – 04th October 2020
  2. The Acknowledgement of the Submission of the Manuscript would be done within 48 hours of the receiving of the Manuscript
  3. Journal (VOL 1 & ISSUE 1) will be launched in the 1st week of November 2020.


  • Best 3 papers would be awarded a cash prize and a Certificate of Merit
  • All the Authors (whose manuscript would be published) will be provided with a Certificate of Publication and an E-copy of the Journal.

Contact Info

All the queries may be referred to the OFFICIAL E-MAIL ID – admin@lex-lexicon.com


Zeeshan Ahmad 7781892121

Masoom Reza 8587080640